My old junk...

The Manic Clown Game

This is a very early game of mine. It was made when I was just getting to grips with animating, and so the graphics don't look so good. They were created using Paint, which I stopped using a long time ago for Paint Shop Pro. Still, its amusing to look at what peoples games where like when they first started out isn't it? Guide the deranged clown through the mantion and take part in the small mini-games inside.

Get The Manic Clown Game Here.

The Bunny Game

Here's one of my experimental games. I wanted to create a game that works in a kind of sequence, and so this was born. You've got to pick out the bunny amongst other distracting ones that are moving around to confuse you. This was the start of my heavy use of scripting in my games.

Get The Bunny Game Here.

*NOTE* At the end of game when you can 'get rid' of the rabbits, right click to change to the machine gun :D

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